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Farm Happening for December 4

Posted on November 27th, 2020 by Tamara McMullen

Firmly Rooted Winter CSA Week 8



What to Expect in your Share

This will be the final week for pea shoots, and likely for microgreens as well. 

Celeriac and raddichio are new this week, both are undervalued vegetables.  Raddichio is an incredibly beautiful, magenta colored, bitter green.  It's bitterness can be mellowed by serving it thinly shaved or by grilling.  Celeriac is not beautiful, not at all, but it's distinct celery/ parsley flavor is delightful.  Julianne it into salads or serve it roasted anywhere you'd use a potato.  It also makes a lovely puree. 

On the Farm

The fields are officially cleared, no more harvesting parsnips out of the snow for us!  Everything from here on out comes from a cooler, or from protected culture, still grown in soil, but covered by a tunnel or hoophouse.  

The first seed catalogue has arrived on the farm.  The race goes to High Mowing Organic Seeds out of Vermont.  We start crop planning next week so let me know if you'd like to see us grow something new, or a new variety of something old.  I'm pretty pumped!

That's all for now, happy eating until next time.