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Broccoli, Mystery Items, and a new "extra" Honey!

Posted on July 15th, 2018 by Heather Coffey

Looks like it will be another hot week, but we've got a salad for that! Three exciting notes for your shares this week: Broccoli, a Mystery Item, and Honey as an Extra.  Coming soon - tomatoes are showing their first bits of colour and growing beautifully in the greenhouse.

Our early broccoli seems to be as ready as it ever will be, they are small heads but a very exciting new item in or boxes. We have a second round planted for fall, but it has decided it's just too hot and doesn't seem to be sizing up any more so we'll share it around.

One of our members thought a mystery item might be fun for you all, and this week I'm going to take up on that option. Both our peas and summer squashes aren't producing predictably, and while I'm sure I will have enough to go around I have no idea how many of each to promise now for Wednesday's deliveries. I've made that mistake once already ;) So the Mystery item this week will most likely be peas, pattypans or zucchini... I'm sorry I can't promise which!

Our friends at Jubilee Forest Farm have harvested their first batch of honey from the hives at the bottom of our fields near the irrigation pond. That's right, you can enjoy some fresh honey full of pollen harvested from our veggies! Just look at the "extras" list and you'll see Veggie Honey listed this week. Only 38 jars to go around, but there will be more from later harvests. They're also the ones that provide us with freshly milled, whole grain flour for your baking or summer crepe needs. They are kindred spirits as it were, and while we focused in on veggies they've chosen to focus on flours, honey, maple syrup, perennials and animals.  They describe themselves as farming in nature's image, and I'm delighted to be able to share some of our favourite products with you all too!

Enjoy the Tastiness,