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Whats Happening May 31st & June 2nd

Posted on May 25th, 2022 by Kelli Kelly

May 31 & June 2



You BROCK!!!

With the weather changes happening so will the available produce.

More summer produce will be here before we know it.

Be on the look out for new available produce.


We will be taking 4th of July week off.

After talking logistics with our partner famers we decided to take the week off.

Most of the Harvesting happens on Monday and since that’s 4th of July

we want everyone to enjoy the day off. 

NO boxes will be delivered Tuesday July 5th or Thursday July 7th


We are featuring 2 new coffee blends from Telegraph

Farm Town Blend and Go Greenwave Blend

Both are medium blends.

Farm Town Blend tasting notes are:

Cocoa, vanilla, dark chocolate, bergamot, and blood orange

GO Greenwave tasting notes are:

Smokey, nutty, and campfire coffee


Add-on this week are

Lattin Farm Bread: (Limited supply)

Banana, Banana Nut, Banana Chocolate Chip

Mother Flokkers Furry Patch:

1 dozen chicken eggs 

1 Dozen Duck Eggs 

Kennedy Ranch Chicken:

4-5 pound whole chicken



What’s a carrot’s favorite drink?

Root beer