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What's Happening - June 15th & 17th

Posted on June 9th, 2021 by Lyndsey Luck

Greetings Farm Fans - 


  • Please remember to bring a reusable shopping bag or tote to transfer your produce.  If necessary, you can take your box and/or meat bag home but we ask that you return them to your pickup location so we can reuse them in future weeks.
  • New pickup location in the Carson Valley!!!  For the duration of the season, our public pickup location in the Carson Valley is the Douglas County Library.

Fruit Bread of the Week

From the bake shop at Lattin Farms, we are pleased to offer Fallon Cantaloupe Bread!  We have three different varieties all made with Fallon's world famous melons!  Choose between Cantaloupe, Cantaloupe Nut, and (brand new variety) Cantaloupe White Chocolate!

Coffee of the Week

I'm so thrilled to tell you about this week's delicious coffee blend... We are calling it: Kelli's "Save Ferris" Blend.  1. Ferris Bueller's Day Off is a timeless movie classic.  2. This blend features 75% Ethiopia du Feres coffee and I couldn't resist the pun.

The "Save Ferris" Blend is a mix of 75% Ethiopia du Feres mixed with 25% Colombia Medellin.  Colombia Medellin brings rounded flavors of dark chocolate and  black cherry with a rounded "orange" acidity. The Ethiopia du Feres brings flavor of Cherry Cordial, Blueberries & Cream, Strawberry Rhubarb Pie, Brandy, Blackberry Cider & Assam.  Together they make a truly amazing blend!  This berry bomb has impressed Telegraph Coffee and San Francisco Coffee Roaster's owner so much that he has declared it his FAVORITE coffee around!

Farmer Update

This is the final week of Green Garlic for the season.  We have a moderate inventory of 36 bunches on Tuesday and Thursday available for the picking.  Rick Lattin told me that his pick crew gathered up the first ripe Gold Nugget cherry tomatoes, so we anticipate having limited stock available in the next two weeks.  The Romaine Lettuce being harvested at Desert Farming Initiative is truly outstanding and will be available until the temperatures rise and the lettuce bolts.  New this week we have some Rocket Arugula from my friends at Two Ravens Farm.  Jaime and Kevin Sammons are amazing humans, talented market gardeners, and the newest contributors to Fallon's local paper "The Fallon Post."  You can check out their first article HERE

Salisha has more Vivid Choy this week, along with Pak Choi, Kale mix, chard, and her first spinach harvest.  And Scott (Fallon Melon Man) from Pioneer Farms is harvesting a remarkable amount of Green Cabbage and Kohlrabi--I recommend you give it a try!  1. Kohlrabi is a truly unique veggie and 2. Scott's Green Cabbage is the best!

We hope you have a wonderful week and as always, Thank you for your support of local family farmers!