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What's Happening - June 8th & 10th

Posted on June 2nd, 2021 by Lyndsey Luck

Greetings Farm Fans - 

All sorts of exciting things to tell you about this week!  But first, a little housekeeping:

  • Please please please - remember to bring a reusable bag with you to your pickup so we can hold on to our NevadaGrown boxes (and reuse them til they fall apart)!  We are committed to keeping our footprint small and reusing all that we can!  While we are limited on packaging like single use plastic bags and egg cartons, our boxes and meat bags are something that we value and want to use to their fullest.
  • If you need to take your box or red meat bag home, please bring them back to your pickup site at your next available opportunity!
  • We are in search of a new location for deliveries in Gardnerville.  If you have any ideas, please shoot them our way!

Now to the fun stuff!  

Yellow Petal Flower Farm

The women at Yellow Petal Flower Farm led by mother-daughter team Kim & Kylie are growing, harvesting, and arranging some beautiful flowers!  Just this week they announced their first on-farm events!  You can sign up to visit the farm and enjoy one of their floral events.  Wander through their fields and cut your own floral bouquet!  They have three different on-farm options including morning events, evening events (including guidance on floral arrangements), and family friendly events!  To find out more information or to sign up to visit, check out their website HERE

Rwanda Hingakawa Women's Coffee Collaborative

Our coffee for this week is super special!  Abakundakawa ("Those Who Love Coffee") Coffee Cooperative is represented by two women coffee associations: Hingakawa ("Let's Grow Coffee") and Dakundakawa ("We Love Coffee").  The women of Hingakawa are both a witness and victim to some of the darkest periods in Rwanda's history--the 1994 Rwanda Genocide.  Since this group includes both ethnic groups that clashed during that devastating period (Hutu and Tutsi), the women made a decision to make poverty their mutual enemy rather than each other--and with this sentiment, they have been avle to move forward and heal a community, and a nation, through their leadership, courage, and bravery.  Hingakawa is less about 'growing coffee' and more of a resolution to lock arms and fight a social endemic that has crippled and claimed lives of their brothers and sisters--Poverty.  These women have had enough and have come together to yell out loud "Let's Grow Coffee" together - and reclaim their lives!

This coffee is grown at high altitudes (1700-1900 meter elevation) in the northern mountainous region of the district of Gakenke.  It is fully washed and parchment dried on raised beds.  Tasting notes include: very clean, crisp and balanced cup, with medium to lightly-heavy acidity (not as much as Kenya or Ethiopia). The cup is very well balanced, silky and complex, with jammy, spice, grape and vanilla notes.  My friend Crystal roasted it to a even medium roast in Carson City on May 26th.  

You are able to add a bag of this delicious whole bean coffee to your box and help support these groundbreaking women producers!

Fruit Bread of the Week

This week, the lovely bakers at Lattin Farms are going to BANANA TOWN!!!  Our three breads include: Banana Nut, Banana Chocolate Chip, and Banana. 

Farmer Update

Pioneer Farms has started harvesting with a vengeance!  We have mad amounts of Kohlrabi and Green Cabbage!  Salisha has listed two varieties of baby bok choy - Pak and Vivid!  And Desert Farming Initiative continues to harvest their Yaya Carrots, Dino Kale, and Romaine Lettuce.  From California farms, we have a variety of different produce choices including Rundle Farms Green Beans, Blue House Farms Artichokes, Lakeside Farms Red Beets, Yellow Potatoes and Jewel Sweet Potatoes.

We hope that this update finds you well and, as always, thank you for your support of Nevada Farmers!