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Farm Happenings for Apr 21, 2021

Posted on April 21st, 2021 by Marnie Chown

 Things are in full swing at the farm now!  

All of our staff members have started working and every day it seems that we accomplish more than expected! It feels great to have people around the farm again!!

Pictured below is Pat and Damian moving compost in to the cat tunnels. 

 This morning we woke up to a significant dump of snow! We are hopeful that all of the crops we have planted out will be ok...I guess time will tell! 

Under the hoops pictured below we have planted: beets, romaine, kohlrabi and lettuce. 

The tulips got a bit flattened!!

 The nursery section of the greenhouse is starting to empty out as we get seedlings planted out into the hoophouses, the cat tunnels and the field. Now that we have some space we will be seeding more trays of veggies for both farm planting and retail sales!

Stay tuned for more information about getting seedlings for YOUR gardens!  


The tomatoes already planted in the greenhouse are doing great! They are all staked for support and we will be stringing them up to the trellis lines this week. Some of them even have flowers which means tomatoes are not far off! These plants will produce different kinds cherry tomatoes.

Between the rows of tomatoes we have planted lettuce and green onions.  


The picture below might look like just a soggy garden with plant residue remaining from the fall but it's got an exciting addition as of the other day...raspberries!  


Every 10 feet there is a row of new raspberry plants!! We planted about 2000 in total! 

This year we will likely get one harvest in the fall, but next year we should get much more!! These plants are an ever-bearing variety which means they will produce berries over the entire season rather than a single big flush of berries which is more common to see.

 That's all for now folks! Thanks for tuning in!