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Farm Happenings for Sep 14, 2020

Posted on September 13th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

We are sad to say our lettuce is still not ready!!! Arg! Everything is really slowing down because it has been so cold and grey. 

Pictured above is one of our unheated greenhouses. The cucumbers have already been pulled out and replaced with lettuce, romaine, green onions and kohlrabi. This week the peppers in the middle rows will come out and be replaced with spinach!



We will have plenty to choose from in the swap area so be sure to have a look in there if you'd like to change anything in your share this week.

Note: As members make swaps throughout the day, the items available will change! It might be a good idea to check the swap area a couple times throughout the day to see of someone removed an item from their share that might be appealing to you!

All of the non-organic items will be available as swaps and therefore not allocated into the shares created by Harvie.


Swap items to choose from will include:

winter squashes and garlic from Forman Farms and APPLES from Hall's Apple Market in Brockville! 



The different kinds of squashes from Forman Farms are Acorn, Butternut, Buttercup and Spaghetti.

Check out  these squash recipes  from The Spruce Eats!



Hall's Apple Market is located in Brockville and has been in operation since 1947!!  Click here  to visit their website and learn a bit about who they are a what they do.  

The apples we have this week from Hall's Apple Market are McIntosh!

McIntosh apples are great for fresh eating and baking. They are famous in our area because the first tree was discovered by John McIntosh just East of us in Dundela.

Read about the history  HERE

Our little community in Spencerville has a special connection to the apple and the story because a beautiful old house in town was owned by the grandson of John McIntosh! The residence is now the home of a lovely family and a thriving cidery! 

Check out the  MacKintosh Cider House  and  Flying Canoe Hard Cider  to learn more! 



In the extras area this week we will have coffee from Rideau Roastery, grains from Against the Grain Farms and herbs from Barking Root Botanicals.