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Farm Happenings for Sep 6, 2020

Posted on September 8th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

So, September really crept up! It's getting quite cool at night now and everything is a bit slower to ripen as a result.

We will still have some tomatoes, basil and peppers but not as much as in previous weeks...we can see their end coming soon! Crops that are no longer available include zucchinis and cucumbers.



This week we have an assortment of winter squashes available from Forman Farms! You can choose from Butternut, Spaghetti, Acorn and Buttercup. They are available in the swap and extras area since they are NOT ORGANIC!

The Forman Farms sweet corn is coming to an end so they didn't have enough for us this we thought some squashes would be nice to have instead!

Our squashes are late because of our hectic June/July when we should have been getting them planted but instead we were just trying to keep things watered and alive!! It seems like so long ago now!



Some jobs we accomplished this week included peeling off the top layer of the big greenhouse plastic, starting to move our strawberry patch, finishing transplanting our rhubarb seedlings, the usual harvest/wash/pack routine and seeding more cover crops to help replenish nutrients and "renovate" some beds so they are in good shape for next year. 

The picture above is of the greenhouse plastic top layer coming off. It was one of those jobs that got pushed down the list in the spring and then it was too late to do it since we had seedlings and crops growing in there! Our biggest greenhouse is the one with the heater in it and therefore it has a double layer of plastic on it. There is a fan which blows air between the two layers to create more of an insulative barrier than a single layer would. When we arrived here, the top layer had been replaced by the previous owner, but the inside layer was not. As greenhouse plastic ages, it lets in less and less light because it becomes degraded from being exposed to UV rays and weather. We will pull off the inside layer as well and replace both this fall. We are hoping it will boost the production in that greenhouse next year since much more light will be coming through for the plants to photosynthesize. 



We are trying to connect with more food producers as the season progresses and we are working on establishing connections with a honey producer, a maple syrup producer and we might even be able to source some freshly picked apples for next week! Stay tuned!! 


New this week: COFFEE!!

We have teamed up with Malina at Rideau Roastery in Kemptville to offer locally roasted gourmet coffee! 

Here's a little bit about Malina: 

Malina studied Parks Management and Outdoor Recreation at Sault College and worked for Parks Canada as an Environmental Educator. She loved her job but it wasn’t the right fit for her after starting a family.  

She got involved with Brewed Awakenings, a coffee house in Kemptville. She ended up purchasing the business with a partner and then took over the roasting business herself and changed the name in order to expand. She chose to call it Rideau Roastery. “Rideau” maintains her connection to this area. The birds in her logo are a link to her Parks Canada days and reflect her fondness for the nature that surrounds us.

Malina does what she can to protect the environment. She refills jars for clients or sells mason jars for refills to reduce packaging. She reuses all packing materials and delivers her coffee in her hybrid vehicle. Keeping her business green is her priority. 

Malina has been in business for five and a half years. Over time, she tweaked the recipes with new beans, trying out different flavoured coffees. Malina now roasts over 20 types of coffee, most of them fair-trade and organic.


Rideau Roastery  Website  and  Facebook Page .