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Farm Happenings for June 10, 2020

Posted on June 7th, 2020 by Marnie Chown

Our big greenhouse is slowly transforming into a tomato jungle!! When I was walking in there today, some of the plants were up to my armpits! We have harvested almost all of the green onions and turnips that we had planted between the tomato rows so it's much easier to get around in there now too! 

This week we are trying a new product: Stir-Fry Mix!

Our kale and chard are smaller than we would like right now (since it is way behind schedule) so we are going to harvest what we can, wash it and mix it with tatsoi and what is left of the spinach as a ready-to-go stir-fry mix. It will be washed and bagged just like the lettuce. Try it out!

We also have romaine this week! Our romaine is small and red, not like anything you can find in the store. They are mini heads and we will either send them to you washed and bagged, or as will depend on how they looks coming out of the field.