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Farm Happenings for June 02, 2020

Posted on June 2nd, 2020 by Marnie Chown

We have a few more veggie items now including tatsoi and radishes. Yum yum! 

We were hoping to have kale and chard already for you by now but it suffered a bit when it stayed chilly for so long after we planted it out. It's coming along now so hopefully we can harvest it next week. 

This week has been all about planting and seeding. We managed to get some potatoes in the ground (check out this video by Meredith), some corn and some more root crops.

Some non-veggie crops that we can see coming up include peas, oats, buckwheat and fall rye. We plant these as "cover crops" which help with many things such as fertility, weed suppression and building soil structure. We will mulch the green matter of these crops later in the season and then tarp the beds. By following these regenerative practices, we enable the soil biology to grow and thrive while also doing all the hard work of "renovating" our beds. Isn't nature just amazing!!