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Farm Updates and Possible Delivery Date changes

Posted on March 20th, 2020 by Andrew Eatwell Farm

Hope everyone is doing well, it has been a very busy week on the farm. In the past week we have seen so many people turn towards CSA, ours and other farms around us,  that we have paused new subscriptions. As well as all the new members we are currently are in what we farmers call a 'shoulder season’, winter crops winding down and most of our spring crops are not quite ready.With some good weather, we are expecting most of our spring crops to be ready and harvestable soon. We also are planting so much right now, from lots of beds of seeds to many thousands of transplants. We just got in a large shipment of transplants from Headstart, including our basil which we are planting tomorrow. 

A couple of important notes. We are thinking about moving the pickup and home delivery day from Tuesday to Saturday. The change would allow our driver that normally does restaurant and wholesale delivery on Saturdays to work doing the delivery to Fatted Calf and home deliveries. The change would be that we would do the home delivery ourself instead of through a third-party. The big question on this is what date to we switch? We will still deliver all these boxes on Tuesday, March 24th, but was wondering if y'all wanted us to deliver the next boxes on March 28th or we would deliver them on April 4th. Please let me know at if you have any questions or would prefer one over the other date to make the switch. If we did make the switch, I would send out this email out on Tuesday evening or Wednesday morning. 

Please let me know if you have any questions or feedback.


Thanks for your support of the farm,