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Reminder: Delivery on Saturday

Posted on March 31st, 2020 by Andrew Eatwell Farm

Just a reminder that the boxes will be delivered on Saturday and the deadline to make any changes will be Thursday at 8pm.

I am thrilled to have our first Sugar Snap Peas of the year. We sowed more seeds this year, and I think it has paid off. Did you know the Sugar Snap Pea we eat today was developed in the late 1960’s? It is a cross of shelling peas with snow peas. This combination gives the sweetness of the shelling pea, but with an edible pod like the snow pea. 

On our walk a week ago, Andrew and I were thrilled to find little apricots growing. Last year, due to the long rainy season, the fruit never really formed, and we got virtually no apricot crop. But it is looking pretty great this year, at least compared to previous years. Still a ways off from maturity, and a lot can happen between now and delicious fruit, but I am hopeful. 

The crew has gotten 3 deliveries of transplants in the ground. It is a staggering amount of plants. Saturday before last they planted most of the basil. For this year, we decided to increase our planting by 50% more transplants. Last year we had a lot of opportunities to sell basil through our wholesale channels but just didn’t have enough to fulfill the orders. So we prepared for that for this year, although now it is more likely much of it will go to the CSA. It was cold last week, though, and we are concerned those delicate little plants may have been damaged, however, Jose feels pretty confident the majority will be just fine.