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Farm Happenings for November 10&11, 2023

Posted on November 5th, 2023 by Mike Nolan


We are 4 frosts into mid-fall season. the last of the flowers have been picked, root crops are stored away for winter, along with winter squash  and the garlic has been planted and is peeking up in the beds nicely.

Winter CSA sidenote: Remember that I will be running the CSA through the winter.  For the DC members, looking ahead to winter, if the weather becomes blizzard-like on Fridays/ Saturdays then I will deliver on a Sunday or Monday depending on road conditions.

There have been a few complaints about the newer open top boxes that I have been using.

We like these boxes becasue we can fit a little bit more in them without crushing your produce like the typical 1/2 bushel boxes that I have used the past 13 years. But they can be difficult to break down (and fold back into boxes again). I will go back back to our old boxes this week. Here is a short video about how to fold these boxes each week and return them to your drop point.