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FINAL week of CSA extension!

Posted on November 8th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

We've arrived at our final week of our Fall Extension CSA, and the farm is still producing plenty of great food! Please note that this IS the final week of pickups, and your membership is concluding with this delivery, BUT - we do have enough to harvest for another week! One-time shares will be available through the farm stand for anyone who is interested in getting one more box before Thanksgiving. Starting next week, there will be NO farm stand service fee! We encourage you to order through the farm stand next week, and all through the winter, to keep your family fed with healthy, fresh and nutritious food from the farm and our local partners. We're excited to continue developing our online offerings during the "off-season" this year, so stay tuned! 

Order Your Thanksgiving Turkey from North Mountain Pastures

Farmer Mike lends a hand with processing these local, pasture-raised turkeys every year, with our farm friends and great local partners at North Mountain Pastures. Step outside the conventional, factory-farmed industry around Thanksgiving turkeys, and order direct from an ethical and sustainable local farm. It truly makes all the difference! Availability is limited and demand is high, so we recommend ordering ASAP. North Mountain is offering FROZEN turkeys for delivery, and FRESH turkeys for local pickup in D.C. and Central PA. Visit their website to order and view pickup/delivery options.

Extras This Week

We have lots of produce this week, especially greens and root veggies. Feel free to stock up and order extras of your favorites with your share this week. Greens are easy to freeze and save for later in the winter when you're really craving a wellness-boosting kick. Potatoes store best inside a brown paper bag and kept in a cool, dry area (not the fridge, to avoid excess moisture). Radishes are a little trickier, as freezing will cause them to lose their original flavor. If you plan to roast them or puree for soups, freezing is fine! Blanching them first will help retain a bit more of their fresh flavor.

This week we're offering frozen cherry tomatoes from our farm, sold by the pound. They will be thawing as they're on their way to you, so they're best used right away in soups or stews. Unlike radishes, they maintain their wonderful flavor and make a great addition to cozy fall cooking.

Fresh, crisp apples from Peters Orchard are still available by the quart or in half-bushel crates this week!

Whole Chickens from Horse Shoe Ranch are still available, sold frozen. These birds are truly pastured and ethically raised. Make your own bone broth for even more immune-boosting power through the winter!

Milk Bottle Returns will be processed as soon as possible! I will be contacting members who have purchased milk throughout the season to confirm your bottle returns, and to communicate about how and when refunds will be processed. This is a bit of a task every season, but we will get it done soon! Thanks for your patience.


We are overwhelmed with gratitude for our members this season. It has been an honor to provide you with real, safe, healthy local food for you and your family. We all rose to the challenge of keeping our food network connected, resilient and thriving, which we can only do together as a community. Cheers for a great season with many more to come.

Be well,

Morgan, Farmer Mike + The Earth Spring Farm Team