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CSA Week 16!

Posted on September 13th, 2020 by Mike Nolan

Friends, we've been through a lot this season! Thank you for being kind and flexible with the unexpected item changes last week. We knew we had a tricky task of predicting our harvest with the weather being hard to read. One can never count too heavily on knowing what the weather will do anymore, but luckily Farmer Mike has been practicing for a long time now, so we're optimistic that we're getting back on track.

Speaking personally about the weather for a moment, my family and I have been watching the worsening wildfire conditions mostly through our windows in Vancouver, WA this week. It's the most tangible and alarming sign of our changing climate that I've ever witnessed this directly, which is a privilege and also a huge wake-up call. We had already planned to come back to Pennsylvania, but now we're moving up our timeline significantly, so I'll be packing up and driving back across the country this week. I'll have access to email and intend to keep everything running normally for you! But if you notice a slight delay in responses, it's most likely because I'm driving through North Dakota or something ;-) I'm so happy to get back onto the farm in person, meet a few more of you, take a deep, luxurious breath of clean air and count my blessings.

In Other News...