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CSA Week 2 - greens, sweet radishes and herbs galore

Posted on June 7th, 2020 by Mike Nolan


Welcome to our second week of CSA. For some of you, it may be your first time picking up this week! Quick reminder up top that you can always check your delivery dates and share details in your Harvie profile here on the Deliveries page. There you'll also find options to place shares on hold, in case you're going out of town, or can't pick up and aren't able to arrange for someone else to pick up for you.

What's New:

- Sweet Purple Daikon: These are the sweetest of all radishes, unlike the spicy white variety. Similar to Japanese Hakurei turnips, which we'll have later in the season

- Garlic Scapes: Crunchy, edible stem of the garlic plant, which eventually grows buds and flowers. It makes a mean pesto, and adds a classic garlic flavor to any dish with a bit less intensity.

- Arugula: Fresh, tender spring arugula is one of our favorite salad greens on the farm. Love when arugula season comes around! Delicate, peppery flavor.

- Microgreens: We've made small (no pun intended...) amounts of microgreens available for swaps this week. As quantities allow, you'll see a mild micro mix, radish mix and pea shoots. All these varieties are mild, with maybe a hint of spice here and there. Later in the season, our spicy varieties will start popping up. Farmer Mike has been fine tuning the process of cultivating microgreens in our greenhouse, so we hope you enjoy giving them a try. They're likely to get you hooked.

Box + Milk Bottle Returns

- We will be collecting CSA boxes from pickup locations, and storing used boxes in the barn for a two-week resting period before reusing them. Returning your box each week will help us make sure we have a steady supply of boxes ready to be reused. Thank you!

- At this time, we are NOT taking plastic bags back for reuse. We ask that you reuse or recycle them at home until further notice. We're sorry for the extra plastic, but we feel that this is the best way to comply with safety measures for now.

- Milk Bottles should be rinsed (dishwasher safe!), labeled with your name and returned to your pickup location. Dry erase or any water-soluble marker works the best. There is a bottle deposit built into the price of the milk share, so we will track bottle returns and issue refunds at the end of the season. If you return a bottle unmarked, we won't be able to give you credit for the return. Let me know if you have any questions!


- This week we're adding grassfed butter from Apple Valley Creamery to the list of available extras. Pairs wonderfully with a loaf of organic bread from Talking Breads, and also with sliced radishes! Lightly salted, all-natural sweet cream, comes in a generous 1lb tub, which always goes too fast because it's so delicious.

- Craft Kombucha is back! 32oz bottles of kombucha made by our friends in D.C. are available in the store this week.

Fruit Share this week will be our first batch of strawberries from Peters Orchard. A little late this year, but we're excited that the weather has finally arrived at strawberry season. Summer is just around the corner.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions! You can contact us through Harvie,, or my brand new, very official address:

Thanks so much for being part of our community. Swap, customize and enjoy your share this week!


Morgan + The Earth Spring Farm Team