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Week 8 ESF Update

Posted on July 15th, 2018 by Mike Nolan

Hello Friends

Hard to belive but we are heading into week 8 already! I was just up at the tomato house this morning, hoping, but more like gauging how much time I'll need tomorrow to prune and clip the plants.  The entire crop is trellised in our newest house, which is a 30' x 96' structure. With intensive planting we have the equivalent of two 500' beds in there.  We started trellising tomatoes 3 years ago in the greenhouse but this year will be our most efficient and effiective plants. Most of the plants are grafted which provides strong root stock for healthier and more productive plants overall. Once we start picking (hopefully next week) then we will have tomatoes through Thanksgiving.

As I mentioned earlier we are transitioning the farm to a no-till / permanent bed system.  The process is slow but in the end very effective at increasing yields and decreasing labor.  Above is a photo of my wife Diem and I with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Farm a couple of weeks ago in upstate NY.  He is offering an online course for farmers that focuses on the no-till system. The production of the plants is one aspect and the course also focuses on overall farm systems, harvesting, washing, storing and even employee hiring and training! The course has been very effective at explaining implementation of the processes that enable us to maximize square foot space and be more efficient at our work here. The photo above is of my wife Diem and I with Conor at his farm in June.

Last Week:

Last week I promised the the incredible watermelon radish.  Right before I wrote that I had randomly picked one, apparently THE best one, and the rest that we harvested last thursday were pretty poor. I apologize.  This fall I will grow some very nice quality watermelon radishes and make them available to you - free of charge.

This week - carrots are back and toscano kale will finally make an appearance.  The long blue leaves with crinkly "dinosaur" texture have incredible taste and there are many recipes that you can use to prepare them.  Sliced thin and rubbed with lemon juice, garlic, olive oil, salt, pepper and hot pepper flakes  topped with parmesan or peccorino is my favorite.

Please feel free to send feedback. I like to hear any thoughts you have on the quantity, quality and variety that you are receiving throughout the year. Photos of your dishes are always interesting too!

Thanks and see you soon!