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Farm Happenings for September 14, 2021

Posted on September 12th, 2021 by Sarah Brown

Rain in the forecast. Sigh.

I feel the relief of these Autumn days deep in my bones. More forgiveness from the land, more space to breath and think and dream. The marathon is coming to its last leg and we are rounding the bend. This past week, I sowed the first of our fall cover crop in anticipation of the coming rain. It's the earliest I've ever gambled with fall cover, and while I hope for rain to sooth our parched Earth, I'm not wishing for summer to end entirely. The Inbetween is a nice place to live for awhile. Transitions are exciting and stimulating and surprising. 

The shifting forecast definitely has us relishing the sweet prolificacy of our summer fruits. Now is the time to eat the orbs, make sauces, indulge in the decadence of the season's flourish. Soon, we'll say goodbye to these treats, whether by rain or by cold or happenstance. I'm holding both, a pepper in one hand, and a packet of radish seed in the other. The convergence is upon us. Sweating during the day, thinking about firewood at night. Hoping for one last day at the creek, wishing for a drenching rain. Harvesting mountains of basil, preparing greenhouses for winter food. Simmering sweet, hot, smoky peppers, prepping the crock for cabbage kraut. I'm torn, tumbling from one season to the next, holding tightly to some things and reaching eagerly for others. Shorts and a sweatshirt. Sandals and a beanie. I love this season. I'm here for it.

If you haven't already, please check out some of the bulk items on offer as extras. We are still enjoying the most beautiful bell pepper crop (easily chopped and frozen for winter). Also, with the cold on the way, we are worshipping basil before its most gruesome slimy end. Pesto is easy, but so is blended basil with olive oil, simply stored in jars in the fridge or frozen in ice-cube trays. Hot peppers are on offer, and so are some apples and melons. This is the season of everything. Disparate flavors. Full fridges. So much potential. What a profound privilege to see it all at once.

Yours in Farming,

Conner + Sarah