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Farm Happenings for August 13, 2019

Posted on August 10th, 2019 by Sarah Brown

Dear Farm Friends, 

This week, more than most, I felt a deep desire to reconnect to what matters most. I hear the news and I feel like our species is getting so very lost. I watch myself as I go through my day on autopilot just trying to get the necessities checked off so that everyone has eaten and is clean, and so our living space is liveable. It can feel hard for me (Sarah) to unplug, let the dishes pile up (even more), and step outside. Dinner may be late, there may not be time for a bath...or some other ball will drop. Do any of those balls REALLY matter though?

This week I stepped outside more. Sylas farmed with us more. Conner harvested more. Wendell enjoyed summer with his friends more. We accommodated some time off requests and so we had less help than usual and it was worth it in so many ways. The least we can do for our helpers is offer them some time and space to enjoy the summer off the farm. It allowed us the opportunity to feel this season. It let us experience what Sylas can and cannot tolerate out in the field. We learned, for instance, that black nightshade is not in fact deadly (thank god), that he is incredibly dexterous (he was pinching a bumblebee he picked off a flower), and that potatoes look a lot like balls but do not tolerate throwing well. I was reminded how hard harvesting is. It takes SO much work. I see our market booth every week, and yet, I still forget what it takes to get it all there. Conner was shocked with what he was able to accomplish with the little dude following along. Wendell ate plums until he had a crazy tummy ache. There were so many fingers and toes in the soil; I highly suggest that one simple act if you're feeling lost, overwhelmed, or hurting. Connecting to the soil is connecting to life. 

Eating the food from this farm connects us all to each other. It connects us to our land and water and air that we all rely on and share. What a privilege and gift.

As always, thank you for enabling this practice of food growing. We are humbled and grateful.

Sarah + Conner