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Farm Happenings for August 6, 2019

Posted on August 3rd, 2019 by Sarah Brown

The farm is a-buzz.

This week has been and continues to be a special one for a number of reasons.

First off, Conner took Wendell backpacking for two nights. This was Wendell's first camping trip ever. That's what happens when you're a farm kid...They had an amazing time and while Conner was stuck carrying 70lbs I still think he camp back stepping a little lighter than when he left. We learn and are healed so much from natural ecosystems. They are our inspiration for everything that we do here.

Conner being gone also forced me to step it up and take a more active role out in the fields. I can't say I accomplished a ton, aside from harvesting a bit, but it felt so good to tune back in. I had the chance to reconnect with our crew and our crops. It's easy for me to see everything that is going right because I'm not stuck in the weeds every day (literally and figuratively). There is a lot of good food out there. Thank goodness we have you all to share it with! In coming week's we'll be offering greater quantities of items for add-ons (i.e. tomatoes for canning and freezing). Don't forget to check those options out.

The other reason the farm is buzzing today is because we're hosting two dinners out here this weekend. Yippee! Also a total distraction and part of the reason we're late getting this email out. We added an extra day for you to get swaps in...

This week I had to include a photo I took of one of our favorite plants. We've been falling head over heals for phacelia. This cover crop hosts beneficial insects like no other. There are thousands and thousands of flowers out there and the sound emanating from them is phenomenal. There are so many other flying friends besides honey bees and one is hiding in this photo.

In this week's share we are especially excited about shishito peppers. They are our go-to snack this time of year and are equally good sauted with other veggies or eggs. We're so glad the sweet onions are finally on too. Last night for dinner I roasted a chicken and we had a bowl of fresh tomatoes, a platter of roasted eggplant and shishitos, sauted zucchini and sweet onions, and roasted cauliflower tossed with tons of lemon and salt. We topped it all with an awesome (and insanely easy) chimmichurri sauce that I made with just parsley, lemon, garlic, salt, and vinegar. Lastly I'll share that while the guys were gone I lived off of salads of shaved iceberg, grated beets and carrots, cucumbers, and a fresh herb yogurt dressing. We have been eating fresh herbs like they're going out of style. They are SO good for you and so easy to throw into dressings, sauces, scrambled eggs, and salads. 

We hope you have a happy weekend and a happy week!


Sarah + Conner