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Apple season

Posted on September 7th, 2020 by Jessica Lovelady

We are so excited that apple and pear season is here! We harvested our first round of fruit and are so excited to be able to offer them to you.

Honey Crisps!

In our opinion these are the perfect apple. They are very sweet but still have enough tartness to balance that sugar out. They store well and hold their texture when cooked. Plus the bright red color is just so lovely and the texture is so crisp and juicy.


Shinseiki Asian Pears

These light yellow pears have a smooth flesh, unlike many Asian pears you’ll find at the market. They are incredibly juicy yet remain firm and crunchy. They have a little tartness to go with that honey sweetness. Great for salads, fresh eating, and cooking. They will store well in the fridge, but have a delicate skin, so don’t be to rough with these delicious rounds of goodness. 

Chojuro Asian Pears

These pears have the russeted skin that you find on most grocery store Asian pears. They are crisp, sweet, and firm. I love to poach these pears in hard cider with ginger and lavender for a simple dessert that’s can be canned with lemon for added acidity or eaten right away.

We hope you are enjoying the bounty of the changing seasons.