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Posted on October 5th, 2020 by Jessica Lovelady

Hello from Crazy River Ranch!

We hope this finds you all safe from all of the smoke we have been getting up here on the North coast. Apple season is in full swing on the ranch and we have been busy picking and pressing apples. We are continuing to experiment and refine our process for making hard cider that we hope to be able to offer to you in the next year. We’ve had an architect out to help us get ready for building our farm cidery. It’s so exciting. 

We have also gotten a couple steers processed and with that have a few exciting changes. First things first, you will notice that many of our cuts will be coming to you vacuum sealed. This new packaging allows you to get a peak at our cuts before you open it! With the new packaging and processor comes some changes in the weights of our packages. Most cuts will be offered in smaller portions, allowing more diversity in your shares. Our steaks will now come as single steaks rather than 2 packs.

We are trying something a little different and are temporarily getting our meat processed By Lepe’s in Santa Rosa. These awesome folks are at the top of the game in the Bay Area and their Latin American influence brings us some exciting new cuts that are not available locally.

Picanha- This is a popular Brazilian cut that is not often available in the states. It is the Sirloin cap, and has a nice fat cap that enhances the flavor of the beef as it is grilled or broiled. It can be cooked whole or sliced into steaks then cooked. A real treat.

Arracherra- Is a thinly sliced skirt steak that is ideal for making carne asada. Marinate it in some beer and citrus and get that grill fired up!

Velvet steak or merlot steak- This cut comes from the heel of the cow. It is incredibly tender as the muscle fibers are very thin. It cooks up quickly on the grill or cast iron, ideally closer to rare or medium rare. 

Filet tails- these are the ends of the filet tenderloin. They are that same delicious tender meat you get from filet Mignon but it just isn’t as cleaned up as the steaks, so you get to try some superb meat for a little less on the pocket book.

We also have flat iron steaks, hanger steak, skirt steak, and porterhouses.

In addition to our cross cut short ribs, we are also offering Korean style short ribs, which are great with a sweet marinate and fired up on the grill.

We have had a great time getting to see all of these new cuts through this new packaging. We hope you all enjoy it too!