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2020 Summer Honey harvest

Posted on August 17th, 2020 by Jessica Lovelady

It’s honey harvest time! While not my favorite part of beekeeping I sure do love the smell that comes out of the extractor as it spins that liquid gold out of its wax housing. True divinity!

The bees have been busy all year pollinating our orchard and collecting nectar from the abundance on Crazy River Ranch. From apple blossoms to blackberry, Hawthorn to plum blossoms. Not to mention all the flowers in our garden; borage, echinacea, calendula, lavender and more. We have taken stings and spent much of the last couple weeks sticky all for the love of honey. We are so thrilled to offer our Harvie members first dibs at our small scale honey harvest. We lightly filter our honey to remove large pieces of wax, but never heat our honey so that it can be as pure as our bee ladies have made it. Through this honey we offer you another avenue to experience all that our land has to offer. Enjoy!