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Posted on July 25th, 2020 by Jessica Lovelady

Greeting to you on this fine Summer day!

We have completed our first month of our CSA delivery program and would like to express our gratitude to you for supporting us  and being a part of our Crazy River family. We have all had to make big adjustments in our lives during this unprecedented year and we truly feel that it is through community that we get through difficult times. Our community involvement is looking different now as many of us are not able to be around loved ones in the ways we are accustom to, or to even get our food in the way we are accustomed to. For this reason we decided to do this beef CSA delivery. So with that said I’d love to invite you to email us with any feed back you have on how we could possibly make this experience meet your needs better. We would also love to see what you are making with your Crazy River Beef. If you feel like showing off, we’d love to see pictures on our Crazy River Ranch face book page or you can email them to us. We love our beef and love to be inspired by other peoples creations.

We also thought we’d take a moment to let you know a little about what’s happening in our Crazy River life. As you can see, Julia is about to pop! We are so excited and well, anxious for this little lady to come into the world. The due date is August 3rd, so really she could be here any day now! Julia and Brett have decided to keep the name of this little lady a secret until she is here so Little bean it is until her name is unveiled.

The orchard is looking great! The apples are getting bigger and showing more color with each week. The plums are ripening and we hope to be able to offer them to you soon, though I imagine many of you may be swimming with your own bounty of plums. But for those of you who are not drowning in plums we’ll offer you some of our bounty! 

We thank you again for choosing Crazy River ranch to supply you and your family with truly sustainable beef and hope that you are enjoying your summer and getting lots of time in this sunshine!

With love,

The Crazy River Family!

Jessica, Julia, and Brett