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Farm Happenings for Nov 28, 2018

Posted on November 26th, 2018 by Chris DeVries

Greenhouse Heat!  That has been the big side project for this month. We are almost there and our greenhouse is warm enough for lettuce so we've been producing a lot!  In past years the lettuce production falls off in November and through cold winters we usually have only small amounts of spinach and asian greens.  But this year we have lots of lettuce! 


If you are still hoping to get pork from us, we still have a bit left.  But order now as there's only 4 weeks left of the 2018 CSA season!  Here is what we can still provide:

1/4 pig:  about 40lbs of mixed cuts and $8/lb

10 lbs: pork chops, sausage, bacon, ground: $8.50/lb  (email me for this one!)

sausage, ground pork, bacon: $10 - $12 per lb

summer sausage!  We've been having this made for the last 3 years and it is really fantastic.  It's all our pork and each "sock" is 2 lbs and $22.

Next Year CSA / Box program:

We will have the details for next year's CSA out very soon.  Look for an email soon.  The share price will go up slightly and our season will start sooner, but for the most part all other details will stay the same.  We will again be offering "auto-renew" to all current members and I'll be sending more info out about that too.