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Farm Happenings for September 29, 2022

Posted on September 22nd, 2022 by Chris DeVries

A big broccoli harvest this week and it looks nice!  We also have a lot of spinach.  We decided this summer that we would double down and make sure the spinach plantings were plentiful (last year we were disappointed in quantities).  So this week we've added an XL spinach bag too.  We continue to have a bunch of different apples and pears both organic supplied through Pfennings and local from Great Lakes farm.  

We still have lots of summer crops to offer this week but note that this will be the last of our watermelon.  Also we have lots of basil and tomatoes this week.  We'll continue to have them for a while, but the quantities will go down as the fall progresses.  Our greens (lettuce, mustards, arugula, endive) are amazing this time of year and our salad mix will be a sampling of the best we have this week.