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Farm Happenings for December 9, 2021

Posted on December 5th, 2021 by Michael Hoke

We continue to plant every week despite the fact that we are nearly at the shortest day of the year!  We are working on getting new transplants ready for replacing lettuce in our greenhouse in January.  We are also deep into planning for next year which includes putting together our big seed orders.  We do this early to make sure we can secure the supply of seeds for our biggest and most important crops for next year.

We have some new things this week worth mentioning especially with the holiday baking season starting!  

  • we have black walnuts from Hearts’ Ease Homestead which is one of our CSA members who have harvested and shelled the native nuts.  Please see some notes below on how to use them.  If you get them but don't intend to use them right away, please freeze them as they are so fresh they may not keep for too long
  • We have heirloom squash from Orchard Hill this week again (Yokohama and Black Futsu) but likely for the last time this week
  • Kale is fantastic right now, even though we will be harvesting it frozen this week.  My dutch relatives tell me this is when we are supposed to be eating it!
  • We've added a few more dry goods like organic, fair trade sugar and hot chocolate mix
Here are some ideas for using Black Walnuts:
1. Substitute for English/Persian walnuts, two ways:
* as a flavour star - 1 cup English Persian walnuts = 1/2 cup Black walnuts 
* same nutty texture with a flavour boost - switch out 1/3 English/Persian walnuts for Black Walnuts in salad/yogurt toppers, banana bread, Snow Ball cookies, fudge, granola, etc…
2. Try a new recipe where Black Walnuts shine: 
* Black Walnut Ice Cream - decadent
* Black Walnut Brittle - sweet treat for the Christmas goodie tray
Hearts’ Ease Homestead - Black Walnuts