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Farm Happenings for December 2, 2021

Posted on November 28th, 2021 by Michael Hoke

 We are onto some of our final big jobs of the fall which include moving one of our hoophouses over top of our last leek crop.  These leek will be dug all winter and the hoophouse keeps the soil from freezing solid.  Then after the leek are harvested, we will be able to plant an extra early crop of carrots for 2022.

We have bacon in stock again this week from 3gen organics.  We have also had some time to get our dried herbs packaged so even though we may not have as many fresh herbs this winter, we have a good supply of our own herbs for you to use all winter!  We have squash this week which we have labeled as "seconds".  They are not rotting but may be a bit wrinkly or blemished and won't have as long a shelf life as usual.  If you are planning on using them in the next 2 weeks they will be ideal and are still very rich and sweet tasting!