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Farm Happenings for February 26, 2021

Posted on February 22nd, 2021 by Michael Hoke

If you've been waiting to see if we have more space in our summer share program, we do!

And you can now pre-order plants / seed potatoes for the spring:

This week we have lots of arugula!  We have been replanting areas that were in lettuce in December with arugula and other "mustard greens".  These greens seem to grow quite well, despite the low light conditions of January so we finally have them in some quantity.  Lettuce on the other hand grows very slowly in January and is more susceptible to disease.  As a result, this week's salad mix will be primarily made of these brassica or mustard greens.  Next week we will have more lettuce to mix in and the longer days have mean a lot more lettuce will be ready soon.

We are experimenting this week with a few more organic, imported crops to supplement what we are growing and storing here.  A few of you have asked for peppers and cherry tomatoes, and since our first crop will not be here until June, we've brought some in for this week.

Thank you for supporting us through this (our first) Winter share and delivery program!


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