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Farm Happenings for February 12, 2021

Posted on February 7th, 2021 by Michael Hoke

It's finally real winter this week, but the good news is that the first sign of spring here on the farm is our grafted tomato seedlings.  These are destined to be transplanted in the greenhouse in March and will hopefully be giving us fruit by last May or early June.  

A couple notes for anyone not getting the regular farmstand email notices:

  • I believe something has recently changed and bulk emails from Harvie may not be reliably delivered.  I'm trying to do my own emailing as well, but the best thing for anyone wanting to get farmstand orders in is to remember that every Monday afternoon, this link will be active: 
  • Bookmark it! Set a reminder for yourself, or if you use google calendar, click here to add this reminder to your calendar
  • Every other week we are doing delivery and when we do, the deadline for orders will be Tuesday evening, otherwise on weeks like this week where we are not delivery, we set the deadline to Wednesday night.  
  • As always if you have trouble with your order or have any other questions please be sure to email or if you prefer to leave a message with us to call you, you can call us at  (519) 913-3785