Farm Happenings at Cluck it Farm
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Farm Happenings at Cluck it Farm

Farm Happenings for October 8, 2020

Posted on October 5th, 2020
Napa cabbage - My advice on these is that you peel apart all the leaves and wash in cold water as soon as you get it home.  Then, shake or spin dry and store in a plastic bag/ container in the fridge. These leaves don't need to be completely dry but you do want to wash them out when you get it.... read more »

Farm Happenings for October 1, 2020

Posted on September 27th, 2020
This week we have some great treats from Underwood Family Farm. We will have melons from them under the extras section in limited amounts. We also have a few dozen eggs available under the extras section as well.  read more »

Farm Happenings for September 24, 2020

Posted on September 21st, 2020
Pickles are distributed in the shares this week! Again, these are made fresh so they will be better after sitting in the fridge for a week. We also distributed jams this week as well. Please remember to leave your tote bags out for us. Thanks so much  read more »

Farm Happenings for September 17, 2020

Posted on September 14th, 2020
This week we have a small batch of pickles available as extras. They were made today so if you let them sit a few more days in your refrigerator they will be more tasty. We have beautiful red cabbage from our friends at Underwood Family Farms as well as apples from Fair Hills Farms. We don't have enough... read more »

Farm Happenings for September 10, 2020

Posted on September 7th, 2020
If you have volunteered to have your egg share canceled for the season, please allow some time for Harvie to get to processing. They are in the works!  We are looking forward to some cooler temperatures here on the farm! read more »

Farm Happenings for September 3, 2020

Posted on August 31st, 2020
LOTS of tomatoes this week! Turnips this week will have some hole-y tops but the roots look great. This is just what we have to deal with on an organic desert farm in August. They get better as it cools down. Please let me know if you'd like to drop your egg share and we can get that canceled for you.... read more »

Farm Happenings for August 20, 2020

Posted on August 17th, 2020
Just a reminder - Any and all billing issues should be submitted directly to harvie through the contact link on your profile. I do not have access to credit cards or anything having to do with billing - for your protection! Any issues with missing items or quality of produce, including delivery, should... read more »

Farm Happenings for August 13, 2020

Posted on August 10th, 2020
Hello everyone. This week we have a large inventory of salad turnips. These are baby sized and can be eaten cooked or raw. I encourage you to find some recipes and get creative, as we grow a lot of these! We broke new ground this week and put in another 5 beds for our fall crops. We seeded a ton of carrots... read more »

Farm Happenings for August 6, 2020

Posted on August 3rd, 2020
Welcome to the first week of the season! Our berry farmer, Chuy, is graciously picking us berries this week! It is always a treat when we are able to share his delicious berries.  Please remember to always wash your greens before you eat them! Ice cold water always crisps them back up and makes... read more »