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Farm Happenings for December 10, 2020

Posted on December 7th, 2020 by Amanda Yeckel

I hope everyone is having a great week. We have been keeping things warm here at the farm with our row covers. With the end of the season nearing, we have limited selection available for these last two weeks. We were able to stock up on some apples from our friends in Utah so I encourage you to take advantage of that. We don't always have fruit available so when we do, its a special treat. 

Please take this time to go through your home and set out any bags/egg cartons to return to the farm. This will be the last week for the tote bags so next week we will go to paper bags. 

We are starting a youtube channel! Its going to be rough at first but we are going to try our best at editing software. Ill be sure to send out an email with our new channel as soon as we get it up and running. Our goal is to bring more transparency to our farming operation! 

Thank you!