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Watermelon picking & cover crop seeding

Posted on August 22nd, 2020 by Daniel Zimmerli

Lara, Caitlyn and I picked watermelons this past week that ended up in your CSAs. We hope you've enjoyed them! We really love the yellow watermelon and think they may be the best watermelon we know of. Not that the red watermelons aren't good, there's just something really special about those yellow watermelons! We do have red watermelon that will likely be ready in mid-September.

On Thursday I spent some time seeding our fall cover crop in areas of the farm that will no longer be used for production of crops this season. Our cover crop blends do a variety of really cool things. They help reduce soil erosion which is a huge asset with all the big, heavy rains we've been having lately. They also help scavenge nutrients from the air and soil and make those nutrients available to next years crop. Furthermore, they suppress and smother weeds helping us reduce the amount of weeding we have to do. They do have their drawbacks but the benefits outweigh the detriments by far.

Below is a picture of our fall cover crop seed. It contains several varieties of field peas, oats, and tillage radish. With the rain we had on Friday night we expect this should be up in a few days doing it's work!