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We moved into our new packshed!!

Posted on August 29th, 2020 by Daniel Zimmerli

This has been a long time coming and after a series of delays we FINALLY moved into our new pack shed this past week. It's not 100% done but we have water, power and our walk-in cooler is nearly done! We are LOVING it already. We have a lot more space, floor drains,and a layout that helps us reduce labor. This week we will have our new cooler up and running leaving only finishing the bathroom up and adding the attic insulation left on the list. Yay!

This week will also mark the last seeding of the year. Unlike corn and soybean farmers vegetable farmers are continuously planting on intervals to make sure we have a steady supply of produce for you all season long. It is true that the majority of our planting occurs in May and June but we are seeding either into trays or directly into the soil from February through the beginning of September!

Apple shares begin this week for those of you who purchased an apple share as an add-on for your CSA. Our apples come from Alternative Roots Farm of Madelia who specializes in Apples. They have a really wide variety of Apples including favorites like Zestar and Honeycrisp and other lesser known but arguably better apples such as Cortland, Regent, Prairie Spy and others. Alternative Roots Farm provides a short newsletter with tips for your Apples and news from their farm. You can read their newsletter here: