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Watermelon! and looking forward to moving into our new pack shed!

Posted on August 15th, 2020 by Daniel Zimmerli

It's been a rainy week on the farm but we've been able to get most of our harvesting and fall planting done in between rain storms. Fortunately, it's looking like we'll have a week of absolutely gorgeous weather!

This week we seeded fall lettuce, spinach, radish, cilantro and arugula and with any luck we should have those items available in your CSA in mid to late September.

Our pack shed is finally nearing completion and we hope to move in this week. We're so excited to use this space for a bunch of different reasons. First, this building is designed for washing produce. We have floor drains, excellent lighting, strategically placed doors and windows and tons of space. Second, we'll finally be able to wash produce on the same land that we farm (instead of trucking it to another location to wash). Third, the space is ours! It might not seem like much but when you're using someone else's space (in this case, my grandmother's) it's difficult to make changes or re-arrange things. See the photo below for what our shed looks like after one of the recent rain storms.

We have a summer favorite for the CSAs this week: yellow watermelon! If you've never had a yellow watermelon  you're in for a real treat. These melons are sweeter than their red counterparts and still have the same great texture. We'll have red watermelon in the fall, most likely in September. We'll also have lettuce mix making a return after a summer hiatus along with all kinds of other great veggies. We'll also have a ton of options for swapping so you can create the perfect share. Enjoy!