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February 19th CSA Newsletter

Posted on February 18th, 2021 by Natalie Ashker

We sure got our winter fix this week. The snow and ice didn't prevent our crew from keeping up with farm chores, as our animals need to be kept safe, fed and watered no matter the weather conditions. The icy roads did keep us from making our usual deliveries though, so we'll have to play catch up next week. 

This upcoming week we'll be sending some mizuna and bok choy, two asian greens that grow very well here and make a tasty salad. For a quick and easy meal, try sautéing the bok choy with garlic and serving over a bed of rice with soy sauce or Bragg Liquid Aminos. You can also expect more microgreens, which are great to add on top of just about anything (eggs, avo toast, sandwiches, soups, etc) and Murdoc cabbage (the cone shaped cabbage) which is perfect for stuffed cabbage rolls, coleslaw, and soups. Here's a yummy lamb and cabbage soup recipe by Edible Nashville. 

It's February, so of course there will be winter squash and plenty of root veggies too. Expect sweet potatoes and some more winter radishes that are perfect for roasting, pickling, or slicing thin and adding to salads. Happy cooking! 

What's in the veggie box:

Bok Choy 
Winter Squash
Sweet Potatoes
Winter Radishes 
Microgreens - radish
*The harvest list is always tentative. The garden decides what's in the box. 
FOR SALE: Beef bone broth, beef tallow and leaf lard - reply to this email if interested in purchasing!

Weekly Nutrition Corner with HaLé Integrative Health


How does food make you feel?  For many, food is an emotional connection, a nostalgic memory, or a way to find comfort.  For some, food may make you feel nauseous, uneasy, or anxious.  Food and feelings are intertwined.  Eating carbohydrates causes serotonin to be released in the body so that you feel full, sleepy, and calm.  Eating fat causes the release of endorphins in the body.  Just like endorphins from exercise, endorphins from fat can reduce pain, cause euphoria, ease stress and stabilize mood.   Consider the kale in your box.  How does kale make you feel?  Kale is complex.  It’s rich in calcium, high in fiber and iron, and can support eye health.  Kale can be rough and fibrous or smooth, young and tender, depending on its age and variety.  Plan a meal with kale and try this: consider how you feel before you eat the meal with kale, then consider how you feel afterwards.  What emotions did you have?  How does your body feel?  Did the kale help you feel full?  How did it taste?  By connecting what you feel with the food you eat, you can start to be a more Intuitive Eater and begin craving nourishing food, like kale, more often and avoid eating empty calories that don’t bring full satisfaction.  

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10 Minute Garlic Bok Choy 

Sweet Potato Fries with Garlic Aioli

Creamy Kale Lasagna with Pesto