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About us

Caney Fork Farms is a 400 acre organic vegetable, multispecies livestock, and chestnuts agroforestry farm in the hills of Middle Tennessee.We raise cattle, sheep, and pigs on organic land with organic practices. Our livestock are grazed and fed in a way that is optimal to their health and quality of life. Subsequently, these practices improve the land and sequester carbon into the soil. Special attention is given to their rearing so that the final product that you take home is of the highest quality, leaving you satisfied and nourished. Our vegetables are grown organically.

September 18 Happening

Posted on September 18th 2020 by Natalie Ashker

This weekend marks the turning from summer to fall. And I must admit we are enjoying the shorter evenings with cooler weather. Cooking up lots of peppers and enjoying fresh, crisp salads. The veggie crew continues to plant more seeds for our winter CSA, and it won't be long before they begin harvesting all the winter squash. Livestock crew moved the... read more »

Natural Bacon (1 lb)
Beef Osso Bucco (~1.3 lbs)
Beef Eye of Round Roast (3 lbs)
Beef Short Ribs (~.9 lbs)
Pork Breakfast Sausage Links (~1 lb, 15/pack)
Chorizo Sausage Links (1 lb, 4/pack)
Ground Beef (1 lb)
Ground pork (1 lb)
Pork Sweet Italian Links (1 lb, 4 links)
Beef NY Strip Steak (~1.1 lbs)
Pork Neck Bones for broth (~1 lb)
Pork Bratwurst Links (4/pack, 1 lb)
Pork Boston Butt (~4 lbs)
Pork Liver (~1 lb)
Pork Tenderloin (~.7 lbs)
Pork Chops (~1.5 lbs)
Naturally Cured/Smoked Ham Roast (~3 lbs)
Beef Liver (~1.3 lbs)
Pork St. Louis Style Ribs (~1 lb)
Flat Iron Steak (~1 lb)
Lamb Soup Bones (1.6 lbs avg)
Pork Heart (~.7 lbs)
Lamb Heart (1, ~.44 lbs)
Pork Belly (~3.4 lbs)
Pork Fat Back (~2.3 lbs)
Ground Lamb (1 lb)
Beef Heart
Lamb Kidney (1, ~.25 lbs)
Pork Kidney (~.7 lbs)
Lamb Liver (~1 lb)
Beef Brisket (~1.5 lbs)
Lamb Spleen (~.2 lbs)
Naturally Cured/Smoked Ham Hock (~1 lb)
Leg of Lamb (~4.5 lbs)
Lamb Chops (~.55 lbs, 2/pack)
Beef Suet (~3.2 lbs)
Pig Skin (twist and dehydrate for a dog treat)
Lamb Shoulder Roast (~2.5 lbs)
Lamb Shank (~.75 lb)
Lamb Loin Roast (~2 lbs)
Pork Picnic Roast (~3.22 lbs)
Pork Caul Fat (~4 lbs)
Lamb Breakfast Sausage MILD (1 lb bulk)
Boneless Sirloin Steaks (~2 lbs)
Baguette/Tordu from Lillian St. Bread
Whole Chicken from Underground Farmers (pasture raised, non-GMO, ~5 lbs)
Butterhead Lettuce (1 head from Greener Roots Farm)
Micro Cilantro (3 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Andouille Links (4/pk, ~1 lb)
Pork Shoulder Roast (~2 lbs)
Beef Inner Skirt Steak (~2 lbs)
Boneless Ribeye Steak (~.9 lb)
Beef Tri-Tip (~1.1 lbs)
Leaf Lard (unrendered) - 1 lb
Veggie Share (Variety Box)
Pig Ears (dehydrate for your dogs or use in broth)
Beef Flank Steak (~1.3 lbs)
Beef Hanger Steak (~.6 lbs)
Beef Center Cut Sirloin Steak (~2 lbs)
Heirloom Corn Meal (1 lb)
Beef Bratwurst
Beef Sweet Italian Links
Living Basil from Greener Roots
Cutting Celery (8 oz - From Greener Roots Farm)
Lemon Verbena (2 oz- from Greener Roots Farm)
Chervil (4 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Lovage (8 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Marigold Leaves, micro (3 oz clam shell from Greener Roots Farm)
Micro greens Rainbow Mix (3 oz from Greener Roots Farm
Micro Shiso (3 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Pea Shoots (8 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Red Vein Sorrel (3 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Sunflower Shoots (4 oz from Greener Roots Farm)
Dark Wildflower Honey (Raw) from TN Artisan Honey
Raw Milk
Pastured Eggs from Villa Farms (fed organic grain)
Oyster Mushrooms from Henosis
Shiitake Mushrooms from Henosis
Lions Mane Mushrooms from Henosis
Low Fat Pasteurized Yogurt from Villa Acres
Mozzarella from Raw Milk from Villa Acres
Feta from Raw Milk from from Villa Acres (1 triangle)
Raw Butter from Villa Acres (1.5 lbs)
Beef Filet Mignon (~.6 lbs)
Beef Fajita Strips (~1 lb)
Lamb Neck Roast
Lamb Osso Buco
Lamb Rack
Lamb Spare Ribs
Canadian Bacon
Cottage Bacon
Hog Rib Rack
Keto Bacon
Jowl Bacon
Fig Walnut Sourdough
Goat Milk, half gallon
Goat Cheese (Chevre)
Goat Yogurt
Red Onions, 5 lbs from Villa Acres
Yellow Onions, 5 lbs from Villa Acres
Garlic, 1 lb from Villa Acres