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About us

Caney Fork Farms is a 400 acre organic vegetable, multispecies livestock, and chestnuts agroforestry farm in the hills of Middle Tennessee.We raise cattle, sheep, and pigs on organic land with organic practices. Our livestock are grazed and fed in a way that is optimal to their health and quality of life. Subsequently, these practices improve the land and sequester carbon into the soil. Special attention is given to their rearing so that the final product that you take home is of the highest quality, leaving you satisfied and nourished. Our vegetables are grown organically.

Mid January Happenings

Posted on January 15th 2020 by Melissa Makous

Greetings! We have exciting news on the farm- 25 new piglets!!! They are just the cutest darn things we've ever seen. Make sure to follow us on Instagram @caneyforkfarms to see all the videos. In your veggie box this week: Carrots Vivid Choi- use for salads, braising, or stir fry Yukina Savoy- use for salads, braising, or stir fry Kohlrabi- Check... read more »

Natural Bacon (1 lb)
Beef Osso Bucco (~1.3 lbs)
Beef Arm Roast (~2.75 lbs)
Beef Rump Roast (~2.75 lbs)
Beef Short Ribs (~1 lbs)
Pork Breakfast Sausage Links (~1 lb, 15/pack)
Chorizo Sausage Links (1 lb, 4/pack)
Ground Beef (1 lb)
Ground pork (1 lb)
Pork Hot Italian Links (1 lb, 4 links)
Pork Sweet Italian Links (1 lb, 4 links)
Beef NY Strip Steak (~1.1 lbs)
Pork Neck Bones for broth (~1 lb)
Pork Bratwurst Links (4/pack, 1 lb)
Pork Boston Butt (~2.75 lbs)
Pork Liver (~1 lb)
Pork Chops (~1.4 lbs)
Pork Spare Ribs (~1 lb)
Pork Center Cut Loin Roast (~7.8 lbs)
Pork Smoked Bratwurst Links (5/pack, 1 lb)
Pork Tenderloin (~.7 lbs)
Bacon Ends and Pieces (1 lb avg)
Beef Bone- in Ribeye Steaks (~1.6 lbs)
Naturally Cured/Smoked Ham Roast (~3 lbs)
Beef Round Steak (~3.25 lbs)
Beef Filet Mignon (~.6 lbs)
Beef Liver (~1.3 lbs)
Flat Iron Steak (~1 lb)
Lamb Bones for broth (~8 lbs)
Pork Heart (~.7 lbs)
Lamb Heart (1, ~.44 lbs)
Pork Belly (~2.55 lbs)
Pork Fat Back (~2.3 lbs)
Ground Lamb (1 lb)
Beef Heart
Lamb Kidney (1, ~.25 lbs)
Pork Kidney (~.7 lbs)
Lamb Breakfast Sausage HOT (1 lb bulk)
Lamb Liver (~1 lb)
Beef Brisket (~1.6 lbs)
Lamb Spleen (~.2 lbs)
Naturally Cured/Smoked Ham Hock (~1.3 lbs)
Ham Steak (~1.2 lbs)
Leg of Lamb (~3.5 lbs)
Lamb Chops (~.6 lbs, 2/pack)
Beef Suet (~3.2 lbs)
Pork Skin (~9.3 lbs)
Lamb Shoulder Roast (~4.5 lbs)
Lamb Shank (~1 lb)
Lamb Soup Bones (1.6 lbs avg)
Lamb Osso Buco (.84 lbs avg)
Lamb Rack (1.4 lbs avg)
Lamb Loin Roast (~2 lbs)
Lamb Whole Rack (~6 lbs)
Pork Picnic Roast (~3.22 lbs)
Pork Caul Fat (~4 lbs)
Pork St. Louis Style Ribs (~1 lb)
Pork Bone-in Loin Roast (~22 lbs)
Canadian Bacon (1 lb)
Hog Rib Rack Frenched (4.3 lbs avg)
Pork Shoulder Steak (~.9 lb)
Lamb Breakfast Sausage MILD (1 lb bulk)
Pork Chorizo Bulk (1 lb)
Boneless Sirloin Steaks (~2 lbs)
Whole Chicken (~3.75 lbs)
Lamb neck (~1 lb)
Pork Breakfast Sausage Patties (8/pack)
Andouille Links (4/pk, ~1 lb)
Jowl Bacon (1 lb)
Pork Country Style Ribs (~.3 lb)
Bacon (1 lb)
Cottage Bacon (1 lb)
Ground Pork (5 lbs)
Keto Bacon (Sugar/nitrite free, 1 lb)
Beets (1 lb)
Beef Inner Skirt Steak (~1.7 lbs)
Boneless Ribeye Steak (~.9 lb)
Beef Tri-Tip (~1.1 lbs)
Leaf Lard (unrendered) - 1 lb
Veggie Share (Variety Box)
Fajita Strips (~1 lb)
Beef Flank Steak (~1.3 lbs)
Beef Hanger Steak (~.6 lbs)
London Broil (Top Round) Roast (~2 lbs)
Eye of Round Roast (2.5 lbs)
Beef Center Cut Sirloin Steak (~2 lbs)
Heirloom Corn Meal (1 lb)
Sweet Potato
Japanese Sweet Potato
Cabbage, Napa
Beef Bratwurst
Beef Sweet Italian Links