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February 5, 2020 CSA Newsletter

Posted on February 5th, 2021 by Natalie Ashker

We are enjoying a nice mix of frigid, frosty days and warm, springlike weather here on the farm. We appreciate the short breaks from the cold. Our mama sheep are all bred and have been reunited with their lambs. All the cows are bred as well, and they continue to enjoy an alternating diet of season grasses and hay. It is just about time for farrowing, which means we will have lots of adorable piglets running around! You'll want to start following us on Instagram/Facebook if you don't already. The cuteness will be out of control. 

In veggie world, we have officially begun seeding our first 2021 crops! We have trays of broccoli and onions and other cool weather crops that will grow in our greenhouse until big enough to transplant to the gardens. We feel like the year has really begun now that we have the first seeds sown. You can expect more of those yummy root crops in your box this week. I love to roast them all together and serve over rice, add them to quiches, or toss them in the crock pot for an easy, nutritious soup. 

If you eat beef, you might like to know we just had a batch of beef bone broth made from our grass fed cows. Add some broth onto your order this week to take your soups and stews to the next level. Totally acceptable and encouraged. We'll also have more of those 10 lb Family Pack of Steaks available to add-on this week. Our staff has been super excited about the mutton we got back last month, particularly all the sausages. If you get some in your meat share, let us know how you like it! 

What's in the veggie box:

Sweet Potatoes 
Microgreens (Pea shoots)
Watermelon Radishes 
Red King Radishes 
*The harvest list is always tentative. The garden decides what's in the box. 

Special note about extras: Harvie will only allow you to order extras if you have a meat CSA share. If you only have a Veggie share, reply to this email to place an extras order. All extras from Greener Roots Farm and Henosis Mushrooms are received on Tuesday - if your delivery is later in the week, we cannot guarantee optimal freshness.

  • Beef Bone Broth - Quart container from Caney Fork Farms  
  • Rendered Leaf Lard - Pint container from Caney Fork Farms
  • Honey- Wildflower honey from TN Artisan Honey
  • Mushrooms - Oysters, Shiitakes, Lions Mane from Henosis Mushrooms
  • Microgreens - Lovage, Micro-Cilantro, Micro-Rainbow Mix, Nashville Blend Lettuce (1 or 5 lb bag), Pea Shoots, Pea Shoot Tendrils, Sunflower Shoots, Cutting Celery from Greener Roots Farm 

Weekly Nutrition Corner with HaLé Integrative Health

A Southern classic, turnips have been cultivated since at least the time of the Romans. The classic turnip is the purple top turnip: a white globe with a purple "top" where the turnip was exposed to the sun. However, the japanese market turnip, often called a hakurei turnip, is a relatively new and very tasty addition to the available turnip varieties. These smaller white globe turnips are great when used raw in salads because of their sweet flavor and small size.  And these are just two of the 10+ varieties available!

In this case, as with most things, variety is key.  Challenging yourself to include a variety of vegetables, movements, and moments of mindfulness helps provide and maintain balance.   For most, the body moves best when you include strength, balance, mindfulness, flexibility and endurance.  So too, for most, the body is best nourished when it receives a variety of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Turnips, especially in their many varieties, are a great example of a vegetable that is commonly forgotten but can easily increase the variety of your diet.  For example, instead of always having simple mashed potatoes, try mixing some mashed turnip with mashed potato to create a food with more flavor, fewer calories, and increased vitamin C, fiber, calcium, and folate.  Enjoy this ancient vegetable with all the fiber, vitamins, and flavor it provides!

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