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Here's to You

Posted on October 24th, 2020 by Danielle Boerson

On behalf of our entire crew, I would like to send out a huge THANK YOU for an amazing season of support!  In spite of all the COVID craziness, the 2020 growing season has been incredibly positive and productive at Boerson Farm.  From the challenges to the successes, growing for you has been our pleasure.  This season we had the opportunity to try out some new crops (like bi-color sweet corn, watermelon radishes, and Koginut squash), and we bumped up our production of familiar favorites (like salad mix, rainbow carrots and cherry tomatoes).  Bringing our members the freshest flavors and variety is always the goal; we intend to reflect on the work we've done in the field this year and use the data to make improvements to our crop plan for the season ahead.  

For the moment, we are preparing to pack your final order of the season.  The roots, bulbs, flowers and leaves that make their way into your last box will hopefully carry you into the winter with a healthy glow.  If you are considering joining us for another season of good eating in 2021, you will have the chance to do so on November 4th. The AUTO RENEWAL FOR CURRENT MEMBERS will run on November 4th and we are anticipating a high rate of renewal.  We will take all members who would like to renew and likely be full for the 2021 season.  Wow....that is amazing!  So if you would like to be a member in 2021 it will behoove you to auto renew!  If you are not interested in a being a member, please be sure to log into your Harvie member profile and change your auto renew settings to OFF.  Or call us and we can help: 920-295-8771.  We will be sending out an email this coming week with more information on how AUTO RENEW works.  

Until then, please enjoy the bounty of the late season harvest while it takes a place at your table.   You may have noticed that we are offering our raw honey as an extra this week.  Our friend, beekeeper and CSA member Kelly White did a beautiful job working with the bees this season, and we are bowing down in gratitude to him and to the bees for all the hard work that went into producing this liquid gold.  It will be available by the pint and quart while our supply lasts, so feel free to add a jar to your share this week! BTW, did you know that honey (and garlic!!) are good for your immune system?  Check out this article on these medicinal foods, and take steps to prepare for a healthy winter.  

Thank you again for believing in us and for eating local and organic!  

Be well,