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A Head of our Time

Posted on October 16th, 2020 by Danielle Boerson

This fall marks our 13th harvest, and if there is anything that we have learned, it is that we do better when we get out of the way of nature.  There is a high level of complexity in the overlapping systems that make up the farm, from the soil to the plants and finally, the animals.  When all of those moving parts work together, health and resilience result.  The fall cauliflower, like a crystal ball wrapped in leaves, is certainly testament to that.

The vegetable field has been a lively place over the last week, with lots of harvesting and the continuation of fall clean up.  Our bodies are ready to be done for the season, but there is still a good month of work ahead of us.  Did someone say coffee?  Little by little the jobs get done thanks to the dedicated team that works with a smile, even on cold and windy days.  Somewhere in our DNA, we know we have to give it one more good push before winter comes.