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Posted on July 22nd, 2020 by Jennifer LaMonaca

New this week...

Tomatoes just coming in!  It's a light offering. Mix and match classic, red "beefsteaks", cherry tomatoes (of various colors and shapes!), and tomatillos.  Ever try making your own salsa verde?! This is just the beginning of a bountiful, colorful Jersey Fresh tomato season... you will taste the difference.  Worth the wait! 

Yellow Watermelon; "icebox" sized. Soooo delicate and sweet.  CSA favorite; too delicate for the grocery store.  Careful carrying to your car, customers are known for cracking them before they get home and eating in the parking lot:)

Spaghetti squash.  Eat fresh or save for later, stores great on the counter for weeks.  

See you on the farm.  Stay cool.