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CSA Week 18 Potpies, Apples and More

Posted on September 30th, 2020 by Jennifer LaMonaca

CSA HOURS: Th, Fr 1-6 PM and Sa 11 AM-3 PM.

New crops... lettuce heads (and mix too), Cabbage (mostly green, some red) and "cheese" pumpkins.  Long Island Cheese Pumpkin - yes, you can eat it!  Other crops... Green beans are amazing (U-PICK), and herbs are abundant for cooking and kitchen bouquets. 

Extras for Sale...

  • Potpies, Griggstown Farm - -Chicken, Veggie and Sheppard's Pie
  • Apples, Nichols Orchard - new varieties!
  • Mushrooms, Faith Flower Farm.
  • Breads and other goods (as available), Hammerbacher. 
  • Sheep Cheeses and Ice crème, Misty Meadow. 
  • Honey, Mill Creek Apiary.
  • From the Farm... Tomatoes, Eggplant and Raspberries.  VERY LIMITED. We have a handful of tomatoes from our fall planting experiment. And we are squeezing out the last eggplant harvest (on the small side).  Raspberries are just coming in; we have a lot to learn about how to best manage this crop!  It is a challenge we accept.  

Thank you for your support, see you on the farm.