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CSA Week 20. Thanks for a great season!

Posted on October 14th, 2020 by Jennifer LaMonaca


HOURS: Th, Fr 1-6 PM and Sa 11 AM-3 PM

CROPS… Baby Greens – kale and swiss chard; Hakurei turnips (a white, sweet radish) AND red radish; Lettuce –  tender mix and big crunchy heads; Arugula; Mix and Match Broccoli, Cabbage or Cauliflower; Potatoes – sweets, golds and reds; Beets; Buttercup and Butternut squash; Garlic...stock up; leeks, onions and peppers freeze well too.  Lots of good storage options.  Pick-Your-Own... green beans on the way out… we will keep fields open if you would like to grab some, along with flowers and herbs.

EXTRAS FOR SALE… From the Farm… a few “cheese” pumpkins, tomatoes and raspberries, along with other produce.  From our Farm Friends… Apples, Nichols Orchard; Hammerbacher goods (as available); Potpies, chicken sausage and ground turkey, Griggstown Farm; Sheep Yogurt and Ice crème, Misty Meadow; Mushrooms, Faith Flower Farm.

WHAT'S NEXT?!  Relax a bit!  It will feel good to have time “off” from farming daily since March… 7 months straight.  Always striving for more work/life balance though:) After 12 years of farming, and a few more before that contemplating it, Ryan and I finally bought the farm.  For the first time in years, at the end of a season, we are not packing up and moving somewhere for the winter.  We are home now.  And are looking forward to making it our own.  We have crops planted for late fall and winter markets, and we will keep everyone updated on that.  For the fall, we have many projects to work on, like building another high tunnel, and fields and crops to maintain, like trellising raspberries.  And we will take a breath to enjoy the transition from fall to winter, recharge ourselves and plan for another season.   

GIVING THANKS.  We have really enjoyed growing your food.  And this year had its challenges!  Covid was certainly an obstacle for all; it changed the way we do business, how we interacted with each other and halted plans.  We dealt with it the best we could, and are so fortunate to have the support of our community which affords us the opportunity to farm and do what we love.  Another heartfelt tip of the hat goes to this year’s farm crew… always on time, ready to work in all conditions, fun to work with and positive, good stewards of the land.  I am so glad you were all a part of the farm experience and growing the local food movement. Thank you, thank you, thank you.