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Farm Update!

Posted on September 10th, 2021 by Raphaela Ysrael

Good morning beautiful people!

This is EliYahu checking in. Just wanted to give you a few updates on the goings on with our CSA program. We are in transition through the seasons which means that we are starting to see many of our favorite summer items decrease and give space for more fall items. This week will be the first without summer peaches, we're sad but also excited for fall apples!! We look forward to keeping you all stocked with some yummy fruit to fill that hole in our hearts haha! We also just ran out of beef cuts, although I have some fresh cuts on the way. If it is not here in time for Sunday/Monday CSA then it will for sure be in your shares for next week. On the brighter side, our egg counts have increased so we are excited to see those in your bags again. Every season we are thinking of ways to improve your experience with us by finding new items to add to make your farm fresh bags more well rounded. Keep an eye our for some upgrades! 

Anyway, everything else is well on the farm. If you are interested to see everything we are working on at the home base you can visit our farm stand every Friday and Sunday from 11 am to 5 pm. Thank you all again for your continued support!