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How Our Non-profit, Cultivating Humanity, Was Started

Posted on February 25th, 2021 by Raphaela Ysrael

Our family embarked on farming as a divine calling. It was definitely a labor in love. We started small and over the years as our knowledge grew, we were able to support more families with our produce. We first started farming in Middle Georgia, and would travel to the Metro Atlanta area to sell our produce. As our clientele grew, we sought to find a place that we could better serve our Atlanta customers, which led us to open a on-the-farm market stand in Jonesboro.

We started by selling our meat, produce, teas, coffee, seedlings and more to the community in Jonesboro, as well as provide an access point for information on all things farming, we noticed many people were interested in learning how to grow their own food. We wanted to teach people and be a resource for them and bringing access and information to the people is the first step.

Through Cultivating Humanity, Atlanta Harvest can donate food and raise money for organizations in the food movement to increase accessibility for farm fresh food. As our mission statement states, we seek “to decrease incidences of food insecurity in the Clayton county and Metro Atlanta Areas through dignified partnership and educational opportunities for the community at large”. Also, we are excited about offering more farm classes in the coming months. Cultivating Humanity helps to sponsor our classes. Some classes are about learning how to farm, others are on learning how to use produce, learning how to raise animals, learning how to can vegetables and more. The key is to educate and provide information to anyone who is interested.

At Atlanta Harvest, this is our passion and we are so appreciative that you are all on this journey with us!


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