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Build, build, and more build.

Posted on January 7th, 2021 by Raphaela Ysrael

Good morning!!


I hope everyone is customizing their box! Remember you can add anything you want from our long list of options to keep things jumping in the kitchen. There are a bunch of extra hand made options to choose from now. You can get some sourdough or pita bread and pair that with some jams and jellies or some hummus and babaganush. Perfecto!

As you can see we are having fun making our own wood. With all the experience we are getting, we'll definitely be adding wood milling and woodworking to our classes later on in the year. I never had a chance to work on something like that before. It makes me happy to think that we'll be some of the first to bring it to this area. 


In the past couple weeks we have been working with a couple day care facilities though the Early Childhood Education program to bring fresher foods to our community. Here's a picture of AriYahu posing in front of 100 fruit, veggie, and egg boxes that we made for them! If the school or day care that your child is enrolled in is apart of that program then give them a holler and show them our farm! There's lots of food to go around.

A little shot of us loading up some naturally grown hay for our animals. Especially in the winter months its good to keep their calories up so they stay warm and happy (and fat). 


Stay positive everyone! So much more of the year is ahead and I have a good feeling about this one!


From your favorite farming family!

EliYahu and the Atlanta Harvest Team


Here are the add-on shares for this week:

Coffee of the week: Fair Harvest Blend

Tea of the week: Immune Boosting Tea

Dry Good of the week: Quinoa