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Product Highlight: Sourdough Boule by Bake-n-Jam!

Posted on August 13th, 2020 by Raphaela Ysrael

Hey Yall,

We love a good collab over here and greet any opportunity to make your shopping experience more well-rounded with open arms. So when we found Bake-N-Jam at the Castleberry Hills Farmers market, connecting with them was inevitable. With the high quality products that they produce BY HAND, it was almost made for our food box program. When you go through your choices today for your customizable box, you'll find the "Bake-N-Jam Sourdough Boule" on the list. It is soooooo good. Pair it with a strawberry rhubarb jam or elderberry jelly for a treat that will blow you away.

In other news, we have some new squash bursting through the fields at our farm in Dublin. You may have noticed from last week getting some light and dark patty pan squash and two-tone zucchini. I love to make summer salads with squash, tomato, cucumber, peppers, and whatever summer fruit I can get my hands on. It turns out to be a super sweet, crunchy, and filling mix of veggies thats oh so sweet. Try it! You don't have to be super technical with a recipe. Just throw it together and let your mouth out on an adventure. 

And for you all with a little extra time, check out some of the recipes that Harvie has been storing up for you guys. 

See y'all next time!


OH AND P.S! Peach season is winding down so make sure to grab as many as you can to freeze and enjoy later in the year. Small tip from a farmer.