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Geechie Honey!! From Local Lands Organically Grown Gardens!

Posted on June 11th, 2020 by Raphaela Ysrael


If you have ordered honey in this past week's shares, you've probably seen an untagged mason jar of some bee-utiful dark brown sweetness. As opposed to the Buster's Bees honey squeeze bottle that you've seen before, we are now bottling our own honey! It took a bit to get to this point but we are glad to have another item on this list to call our own! I wanted to wait until we got tags but I could'nt hold myself back. It's just SO GOOD! I wanted to share it with you all as soon as we could. 

So there are no changes with the orders that you all have placed for the honey. As a matter of fact, you are receiving a quarter pound more of honey for the same price! I'd love to hear what you all think about the honey so please feel free to send us an email. At the farm stand we've got the pint jars, quart jars, and half gallon jars! So if you reeeeaallyy like the honey, you can stock up!


Just wanted to share with you all some of the beautiful harvests we have been getting our farms from this past week. Hoping that this abundance encourages and inspires you to continue to grow (in all aspects) and push through all the challenges and obstacles that might be in your way.