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week 19: Happy September - GRAPES!

Posted on September 2nd, 2019 by Agriberry Farm

(Anne made me pose on the tractor.) Welcome September's harvest! Concord grapes at here from the Wenger family in Waynesboro. This is the variety that Welch's makes their grape juice out of - so flavor packed! They do have seeds but in my opinion they are worth it. We also have a few varieties of pears: Green Bartlett, Red Bartlett, and Sunrise. ABOUT THE PEARS: they are not ready to eat as soon as you get your share, they take a while longer than peaches do to soften up - sometimes a whole week outside of  refrigeration.  The pears will probably be the last share item you eat (remember raspberries first). Apples in the share this week are Honeycrisps!

Auto-renew occurs today. Pickup sites that continue through the Fall CSA (everywhere except AmFams) will automatically renew your membership for the Fall shares: 6 weeks 9/24-10/31 of raspberries, kiwi-berries, apples, apple cider, pears, etc! Auto-renew signs you up with the payment plan, but we'll give you a $12 credit (for a half-peck of apples) for paying in full by the first share. Email me (respond to this email) to finish paying in full (or if you need to withdrawal for the Fall).