New Year, New Habits

Fields at Birch Creek Farm.

As another year begins, we at Harvie take time to reflect on the months behind us. Often, this is what shows change — not New Year’s resolutions (one cannot upend their entire life in one day) — but the reflection on the last year as a whole. This is where you can see the change and impacts of habits in your life.

Similarly, Harvie cannot upend the entire food system in one day. However, looking at 2021 as a whole, we can see the huge impact we’ve had on the Pittsburgh food system.

This year, we’ve supported 211 local and regional producers, tried 1,392 different products,  and put more than $1.8 million grocery dollars directly into the hands of small farmers and artisans. This impact does not stem from resolutions, but rather guiding principles: get local food into as many hands as possible and lower the barrier to entry to eating locally.

Rather than having New Year’s resolutions, we’re going to set some guiding food principles in my own life. Here are a few we’ve come up with:

In the orchards of Dawson’s Orchards.

1. Cook on the fly: Think less recipe-based and more like an Iron Chef.

2.  Shop with a plan: Consider meals when shopping. This will reduce food waste and stress in the middle of the week.

3.  Put value in the mundane products: Sometimes, it’s hard to justify buying something like local flour when it’s available for three dollars a bag at a grocery store. But the impact of a local or sustainably grown bag of flour is just as great as the impact of a local bag of apples.

4.  Sustainable protein consumption: Knowing your protein source is paramount.

Have more guiding food principles for the year? Let us know!